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Nic Espanet

Nic began passively investing in multifamily properties in 2016 and closed his first deal as a Lead Syndicator & Asset Manager in 2018.  He has since invested passively in  properties with a total of 1,780 doors and syndicated the purchase of 8 properties with a total of 1318 doors.  In addition, Nic has 17 years experience as a small business owner in private practice as a Physical Therapist and 25 years experience managing physical therapy teams. 

Nic specializes in Deal Acquisition, Capital Raising and Deal Acquisition.

Sunny Espanet

Sunny is co-founder of Thrive Multifamily and #1 fan of Nic Espanet.  In 2019, Sunny established Occupancy Launch which helps multifamily owners increase occupancy and generate income through short-term rentals while reducing liability to the property.

Sunny specializes in finances and marketing for Thrive Multifamily.

We look forward to welcoming you to our investor community.

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